Are you ready to spend a year of your life studying and seeking out the purposes of God?

We invite you to invest that year with us at Grace Vineyard Church. Come and experience the journey that we are on as a church, in a full time capacity and with input from our key staff and leadership team. Our aim is to see you grow in character and competency as a disciple-maker, within a team environment. It is a ten month experience studying full time with the Vineyard College of New Zealand, with thirty hours of practical service a week and in partnership with Grace Vineyard's School of Theology and Leadership.

Calendar for 2018
Term 1: February 1 - April 13
Term 2: April 30 - July 6
Term 3: July 23 - September 28
Term 4: October 15 - December 7

- The Kingdom of God
- Biblical Theology
- Spiritual Formation and Leadership
- Vocation and Calling
- The Five Fold Ministry
- The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
- Mental and Emotional Well Being
- Communicating Vision
- Early Church History
- And more...

Special Events
- National Emerging Leadership Weekend x2 (North Island)
- Ministry Intensive days
- Local ministry outreach trips

Approx $1900 Studylink options available

Application Process
Please email to request an application form from the Vineyard College of New Zealand or to find out more information.
Applications close Wed 1 November
Weekly Overview
Sunday //
Attend one service
Serve chosen ministry (5 hrs)
Monday //
Serve operations (4 hrs)
Teaching (2 hrs)
Tuesday //
Serve chosen ministry (3 hrs)
Student time (3 hrs)
Wednesday //
Intern Training (1 hr)
Serve chosen ministry (4 hrs)
Thursday //
Serve operations (2 hrs)
Serve chosen ministry (3 hrs)
Friday //
Student time
Saturday //
Day off

Operation Hours can be spent doing any number of things, in service of the church operating smoothly.
Attendance of a Lifegroup on any evening is also important and encouraged.

Chosen Ministry Options
- Children's Ministry
- Community Youth Work
- Multimedia and Film
- Pastoral Care and Support
- Worship Ministry
- Youth and Young Adults

Applications for 2018 open now!