What does it mean to be a Christian and a creative/artist?

This course is about the formation of kingdom theology around the arts, their place in a worshipping community, and about personal formation in the individual's own arts practice. This course is primarily to serve the individual in their personal development and understanding of the intersect between faith and creativity. It is our desire that this will spill over into more diverse ways to worship and serve the Grace Vineyard community.

On-location teaching topics:
- Value - theology and the arts
- Service - the place of the arts in worship/Church community
- Acceptance - identity, rejection and vulnerability
- Commitment - the practice of artistry in everyday life and finding Sabbath as an artist
Personal creative practice:
- Working on given themes in your particular genre
- Ongoing creative practice
- Willingness to share your work

$50 per person
You will receive an invoice upon acceptance.

Course times
Starting Mon 30 July, this course will run fortnightly 7-9pm on Mondays with time to work on personal creative practice on the 'off' week.

To register your interest for this course please email school@grace.org.nz


Starting 7pm
Mon 30 July

City Campus
150 Ferry Rd