Everyone has something to offer to our children's
programme. If you have a specific skill, talent, or
message you can share with our kids, please

During the year, we may need extra hands over holiday
periods, especially the Christmas/New Year period.
If you can help out, please

Grace Vineyard Church Commitment to Children

1. To nurture healthy relationships with children who are in our home, church and community environment.
2. To provide a safe and loving environment that provides children with opportunities to connect with God, to learn more about Jesus, and to experience the Holy Spirit.
3. To serve the families of our church and community with Jesus' message of hope, truth, and love.
4. To create a child-friendly church environment where children can be taught Biblical truths at their level of understanding in engaging and creative ways. In addition, to provide opportunities for children to act out their faith.
5. To assist in the care and protection of children and support of families who are vulnerable in times of crisis.
6. To work together with other churches and organizations to minister to children in our immediate communities and beyond.
7. To pray for our children and their families.

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