Clark Alcock
Global Missions Pastor


From the times of the earliest church, missionaries were sent out to preach the gospel and plant new churches. Local churches gave generously to equip the needs of the missionaries and to support the new churches.

Faith Promise Giving is an exciting adventure in faith, where we trust God to supply money, especially for Missions. Many Churches today operate this system, based on the Apostle Paul's example in 2 Corinthians 8 & 9, where he invites Churches to promise an amount in faith, gives an allotted time for the money to be gathered, and later comes and collects the money.

Faith Promise is not a pledge
How much you choose to give is between you and God. You can give anonymously, so no one will even know what commitment you have made. It is NOT a pledge to the church. If money is not available for any reason, you should not feel guilty if you cannot give it. It is a "faith adventure" ... believing in God to provide the money.

How our Global Missions commitment works
We would love to encourage every family and individual at Grace to do the following:

The key is to prayerfully seek God about how much He would have you give to support overseas missions, above and beyond your commitment to our local church work. It is not just a question of working out what you can afford, or what is left over... but what you could commit to in faith.
In this sense, you step out in faith to give either weekly, fortnightly or monthly, trusting that if God has laid this amount on your heart, He will provide the money for you.
Fill in the Faith Promise Card (you can get one from reception), indicating the amount the Lord has encouraged you to give and place it in the offering bag or in the Giving Letter Box.  The Faith Promise Cards will be collected on the final Sunday of missions month (September) or at the reception at any time.  
Believe that God will enable you to regularly give the amount you have committed.
Change of lifestyle:
It may be that to meet this offering, you choose to give up some "luxuries" or make some sacrifices in your lifestyle as God leads you. Most missionaries have to live this way, trusting there will be sufficient finance to fulfill their ministry.

How to make your gift:

1. Giving by Automatic Payment: We encourage you to take the convenient option of using automatic payment for your World Mission Commitment. Forms are available from reception.

For our account details, please email the office by clicking here and using the following banking details:
Reference: Giving Number
Code: Missions


Giving by envelope: Offering envelopes are also available from the Information table. Take a supply of them. Carefully fill in the details on the envelope so your gift is used as you intend. [Note: Any giving intended for Overseas  Mission must be marked "MISSIONS".

Eftpos at Reception Desk.

Why fill in the slip?
All the amounts are added up to give us the total amount promised for the year. Our Missions Team needs to know what amount is promised so we can plan wisely for the year. When you fill in a slip it helps you to be committed to the amount you have written down. Keep your own record of the amount so you don't forget!

Tax Credit (formerly tax rebate)
You can get a tax credit of 33.33% of the amount you give to Missions up to your assessable income, providing you are part of our Giving System and have a Giving Number which is clearly marked either on your Automatic Payment or your Giving Envelope.