Mel Fairweather and
Ben MacGregor

Children's Pastors
In PK (Passion Kids) we are passionate about providing opportunities for children to learn about Jesus, experience the Holy Spirit, and worship God in a safe, positive and engaging atmosphere.

Our core value is: "Loving Jesus, Loving Others". We love Jesus, want to be more like Him and want His Holy Spirit to move in our lives. We are learning alongside others who love Jesus. We want to share God's love with others and to invite them to open their hearts to Jesus too.

On Sundays, across all campuses, we start in the main service together. After participating in some worship and family news, the children are prayed out, and can be signed into their programmes:

Preschool: 2 & 3 year olds
Primary: 4 -10 year olds
Intermediate: School years 7 & 8 

(A mother's feeding room is available, as well as a creche space for under 2s and their caregivers).
If you're unsure where to go, ask a PK member in blue or a crew member in black. 

We have Intermediate small groups that meet during the week in people's homes - please see more details for these groups under Lifegroups / Growth groups

We love to hear from you, so email Mel or Ben any time with questions, suggestions, or encouragement!