Sarah-Jane Peez
Lifegroups Pastor

Being part of a small group in a large church is the only way to get to know others and be known. Grace Vineyard is a large church made up of small groups called Lifegroups. We have three types of Lifegroups: Home groups, Activate groups and Growth groups.

Home groups: small groups that meet regularly in peoples homes.
Home groups meet for discussion, worship, prayer and food. They are a great place to grow faith, wrestle with things, encourage each other and build friendships. Our groups run differently according to the personality and gifting of the leader. Some groups are formal, others relaxed. Some groups meet each week, others meet every fortnight. Some groups eat meals together, others just do coffee. Every group will be different. Home groups include our Young Adult Groups (YAC), Womens groups (Essence) and Mens groups (Menzone).

Activate groups: groups that happen around an activity.
From art groups to sports groups, we have all sorts of activities taking place! Activate groups are the perfect groups to invite your friends along to, and provide a great platform for people to get to know others and have some fun. They usually run for a term at a time.

Growth groups: courses or programs that offer an aspect of personal growth.
These include marriage and parenting courses, courses for new believers, and spiritual courses. These groups meet for a number of weeks over one term. Being part of a Growth Group for a term still enables you to be connected in a smaller group and get to know others.

All our groups are listed in alphabetical location order. If you are keen to join a group or require any further information, simply contact the leader and they will be happy to help you. For any more information, please don't hesitate to contact our Lifegroups team at