Welcome to the Grace Vineyard Resource Library

We are in the process of cataloguing all our Lifegroup resources online. As this is an ongoing process there are a few things to note:
  • More resources will be added over the next few months so keep checking to see what's new
  • At this stage you are not able to reserve resources through the online system –you will have to phone the City Campus on 03 379 8463 and ask for resources to be put aside for you.
  • All our resources are held at our City Campus. If you cannot easily get there to pick them up, we will see if we can arrange for them to be dropped off at either Beach or Plains Campus Sunday Information desk.
  • Growth Groups (such as the Marriage Course, Parenting Courses) will have priority booking for the materials that support these particular courses.
On the Home Page you will see a list of the five latest resources that have been added to the library and a number of different ways to search for resources.
  • The first box allows you to search "all words" within each library record and we recommend that you use this rather than search specifically for author, title etc until you are familiar with the library. Using the "all words" search you can search for an author's name, title, subject (e.g. Jude for studies on the book of Jude, marriage for studies on various aspects of marriage) or any word that might be in the detailed description of the resource (e.g. discipleship or grief). The reason is that some of the DVDs or books with several authors (e.g. Alpha resources) may not be shown if you search under the author field for a particular name.
  • Type in either a full word or part of a word in the second box – for example if you are unsure how to spell an author's name just type in the first part of the name – then press the blue search button. If you would like the resources to show in a particular order (for example alphabetically by title) then you can select this in the box labelled "Sort", but this is an optional step. The search is not case sensitive, so don't worry about capital letters.
  • Once a list of resources that match your search appears, if you click on the title then you will get the full description of the resource. You can click "Add to Clipboard" at any stage and this current resource will be listed on the Clipboard. This allows you to make a list of potential resources and then go back and look through them easily to find the one you want. To access your Clipboard simply click the Clipboard symbol on the left of your screen.
  • The Back arrow on your internet browser will take you back to the previous page if you get lost or you can simply click the "Home" button on the left hand side of the screen to start the search again.
  • Beside each resource you will see two numbers – one called "Holdings" and one called "Available". This shows you how many copies of each resource we have (for example, in some cases we have multiple copies of workbooks to go with a DVD) and also how many copies are available right now. If you want a resource that is unavailable then please contact City Reception to see when it will become available.
  • If you just want to browse for inspiration then search for a word like a or the and the whole list of resources will be shown.
  • You may have done a study that was really good and want to see if there are other studies from the same series. Search on the publisher name (e.g. InterVarsity) or the series name (e.g. LifeGuide for the LifeGuide Bible Study series) to see what other studies we have from the same source.
As always with a new system there will be things that go wrong or have been missed. If you have any problems please ring City Reception on 03 379 8463 for assistance or email lifegroups@grace.org.nz with suggestions for improvement.