While anyone can belong to our church, membership is for those who are really committed to helping us fulfil the mission that God has given us. Our members are the ones who we know we can rely on, who are committed to the vision of the church, and from whom we invite to be leaders in various areas.

Expectations of membership

Church family – to be fully committed to and supportive of the leadership and church family at Grace Vineyard and to seek to love, honour and pray for them.

Vision and values – to be a baptised Christian who agrees with the vision, values and theology of Grace Vineyard Church.

Fellowship – to desire to build friendships and spiritual family with the people at Grace Vineyard and to regularly attend church services and a lifegroup.

Giving – to give regularly, generously and sacrificially to Grace Vineyard as the Holy Spirit leads.

Serving – to be committed to serving at Grace Vineyard.

Mission – to be committed to the mission of Jesus to reach the lost and poor with the gospel and love of Christ.

Conflict – to be committed to working through conflict in a biblical way.

Leaving – if a member decides to leave Grace Vineyard in the future, we expect them to notify us in advance and have an exit interview so that we can help people leave well.

  Why should I become a member?

Members are those who say 'We're part of the team'. They are passionate about growing as disciples and disciple makers, and they are team players in our church family. Members have committed to Grace Vineyard being their church home, to help it grow and flourish in its mission.

How do I become a member?

To become a member of Grace Vineyard, people attend a two night course where our vision, values and systems are explained. At the end of the second of the two evenings, there will be an opportunity to sign up to become a Grace Vineyard member.

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