Simon MacGregor
- Youth Pastor, City Campus

I am a youth pastor and convinced that I'm living in the best city in the world. Born and bred in Christchurch, I have two younger brothers, a little sister and amazing parents. I love music, sports, watching movies and chilling with mates and family.
I have grown up in Grace Vineyard Church since I was five years old. Sunday school and youth group played a huge part in my knowledge of God and my relationship with Him. I really started to pursue Christ for myself when I was eleven years old, as I experienced His presence very strongly one day and felt a call on my life to pastor people. After leaving school, I went to England as part of an internship with Mike Pilavachi (the founder of Soul Survivor). I learned many things in that year about ministry and ended up working for Soul Survivor Church pastoring 18-24 year olds.
Since arriving back in Christchurch and becoming a youth pastor in 2013, I have a passion in pointing to Jesus and paving the way for Him to invade the lives of young people so that they will be changed forever.


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