Sarah-Jane Peez
- Executive Pastor, City Campus

I was born in Zimbabwe, grew up in England and married a Kiwi (so I'm officially an import)! I've been a Christian all my life, with a bit of a wobbly patch in my early twenties! Pre-kids, I worked as a Project Manager in graphic design and advertising, and after lots of voluntary roles at some fabulous churches around the globe, I now have my dream job at Grace! I love being married and my three beautiful children, I love New Zealand, (the space, the people, the pace of life), I love running, reading, being creative, hanging out with my friends and also being in my own space. My heart desire is to fully live every moment, laugh out loud everyday and love beyond words.

David & Lis MacGregor
- Senior Pastors

Sarah-Jane Peez
- Executive Pastor (City)

James Renwick
- Executive Pastor (Beach)

Scottie Young
- Campus Pastor (Plains & Pegasus)

Rocky Stocks

- Campus Pastor (West)

    Clark Alcock
- Pastor
(Teaching and Missions)

Bazi Baker
- Worship Pastor

Bridget Underhill
- Campus Pastor (Plains)

Ben MacGregor
- Kids Pastor (City) 

Mel Fairweather
- Kids Pastor (Beach)  

    Simon MacGregor
- Youth Pastor (City) 

Charlotte MacGregor
- Youth Pastor (City)  

Ruby Manning
- Youth Pastor (Beach)