James Renwick
- Executive Pastor, Beach Campus

I am a born and bred Glaswegian however just before coming to NZ, spent four years on the wonderful North Coast of Ireland. I am married to Gillian and have a wee boy Elijah who is so much fun. I moved to Christchurch in November 2017 to be part of the incredible family here. I am excited about city transformation and love to spend my days dreaming with friends of what the Kingdom looks like in all areas of society. I am also a big fan of football back home in the UK and love to watch premiership games when I can (if I get up early enough!).

David & Lis MacGregor
- Senior Pastors

Sarah-Jane Peez
- Executive Pastor (City)

James Renwick
- Executive Pastor (Beach)

Scottie Young
- Campus Pastor (Plains & Pegasus)

Rocky Stocks

- Campus Pastor (West)

    Clark Alcock
- Pastor
(Teaching and Missions)

Bazi Baker
- Worship Pastor

Bridget Underhill
- Campus Pastor (Plains)

Ben MacGregor
- Kids Pastor (City) 

Mel Fairweather
- Kids Pastor (Beach)  

    Simon MacGregor
- Youth Pastor (City) 

Charlotte MacGregor
- Youth Pastor (City)  

Ruby Manning
- Youth Pastor (Beach)